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Platonic philosophy attempted to capture essence in a different way. Plato thought what we see in the physical world is a dim reflection of the true ideal thing. For example circular objects are crude approximations to the ideal perfect circle.

At L’Esprit Sage we believe that an Ideal Gift Box exists somewhere in the heavens or in some Intelligent Mind.  We have recreated this perfection here on Earth!  The Ideal Gift Box consists of four jars of edible delight.  We suggest one flavoured honey, one gourmet mustard, one spread such as birch bacon jam, and one dessert sauce like birch whiskey toffee or hazelnut.

If you are thinking that’s not perfect yet, you’re right!  The Ideal Box also contains one timberflame soy candle, one scented soap and one sumptuous Decadence chocolate bar.  We will be adding more choices in the future, but this is as close to perfection as one can find as of yet.

Perfection is hard to attain.  Bear with us as we continually improve our website.  If you need help ordering a box on line, please give as a call or send us an email at  Try one of our boxes and tell us what you think, about our selection, about Platonic Forms, about anything!

What the ancients never figured out is that Perfection can be had for $84 plus tax and a flat shipping rate of $9.99 anywhere in Canada.

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We founded L'Esprit Sage with one goal in mind: providing amazing gifts and gift boxes that contain local, high quality items. Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. We know that every product counts, and strive to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding as possible. Check it out for yourself!

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